NUMS Identity


The key inspiration behind the creation of the NUMS’ identity is an Ayah from the Holy Quran

Allah said, "Indeed, I know that which you do not know." (Al Quran; Surah Al-Baqarah verse: 30)

Allah The Creator has announced faith in, and placed, humanity above others. 'Understanding and improving life' through knowledge and action is our motto at NUMS. This is for us to take Allah's mission forwards as He has conveyed.

The bluish green colour of the emblem relates to the spiritual bonding with the Gumbad e Khizra; the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is said to have been his (SAW) favourite colour.  The colour signifies peace, patriotism, tranquility, freedom, harmony, spirituality, serenity, nature’s healing power, happiness and the bond shared by the Muslim world. The colour also relates to the colour of Pakistan's flag.

The semicircle on the left lower aspect symbolizes crescent - the crescent instead of a cross relating to the symbol for health care but with blue green as signifying healing instead of red which rather implies pain and disease. The setting moon implies solution or cure rather than a rising one which would stand more with rising problem or disease. Also this is consistent with the status of the setting crescent on Pakistan's flag. We thus celebrate cure rather than disease, and that too in an Islamic and Pakistani way.

The hollow white core symbolizes the creation of the universe. The golden color inner circle glorifies the arrival of life and also, the message and wisdom coming through the Holy Quran which spreads like the rays of the glowing sun into this world of darkness. The outer circle which comes next is in blue green which implies humanity and all that it stands for; with the faith and confidence that Allah has reposed in humanity symbolized using the inspired NUMS script in the outermost circle.

Herein, the symbol of Pakistani flag's crescent in our green colour are portrayed as our university's concept of our standing for knowledge, healing and peace in the universe through Allah's faith in us.

Items have been symbolized to avoid desecration.