About NUMS

NUMS was founded by an Act of Parliament on Oct 31, 2015 under the National University of Medical Sciences Act no. XVII of 2015. The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the University, the Pro-Chancellor Being Chief of the Army Staff and Lt Gen Syed Imran Majeed HI, (M) the 1st Vice Chancellor of the University.

 NUMS is a Federal Public sector university envisioned to grow as a research led institution providing opportunities of undergraduate and post graduate education in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health and Animal Husbandry.

Although young as a university, the Infrastructure which serves as its teaching and training foundation dates back to pre-partition era.

The Medical Services of the Armed Forces, having the largest number of hospitals and training institutions are the largest conglomerate of its nature in the country.  Since independence of the country in 1947, these services have played a vital part in maintaining the combat efficiency of the Armed Forces during peace and war. A secondary role of providing civil services in health, rehabilitation and disaster relief to the wider Pakistan community has also been the hall mark of these medical services.

The constituent and affiliated training institutions of NUMS, located at Rawalpindi, are introduced hereunder in more detail.