About NUMS

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) is a Federal Public Sector University that was founded by an Act of Parliament on 31st October 2015 under the Act no. XVII of 2015. The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the University and the Chief of the Army Staff is the Pro-Chancellor.

NUMS is envisioned to grow as a research-led institution providing opportunities of undergraduate and postgraduate education in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health, Veterinary Sciences with a necessary add-on of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts with a multidisciplinary faculty; aiming eventually to run university-led healthcare system in the country.

Although young as a university, the infrastructure that serves as its teaching and training foundation is huge and dates back to pre-partition era. The university is backed up by an extensive network of 45 Military Hospitals, 12 Single Specialty Institutes, 6 Medical Colleges, 4 Nursing Colleges and Institute of Allied Health Professionals, making it the country’s largest healthcare provider in terms of trajectory and patient volume.

NUMS envisages in improving the quality of life and addressing the biggest plight of the society, i.e. healthcare through health education, research, and innovation. NUMS is an endeavour to promote advanced medical research and services. The set goals will be achieved by adopting best international standards and practices in medical education, training, and research along with modernisation of medical infrastructure, whereas the benefits will have broad based impact within the country and beyond.